Monday, July 8, 2013

Why working out is worth it

Because it's peace and quiet, just you and the pavement. 
Because going in the early morning you're able to witness nature at a time when most people miss it.
Because you're worth better health, you are valuable and your children deserve a healthy mother, with both mind clarity and physical strength.
Because pushing yourself beyond your expectations a little more each time just feels so empowering.
Because being free and detached from your problems when you leave them at home for a short while gives your mind space to gain love for yourself and for those around you.

And finally;
Because when you come home from working out, whether you walk, run or a combination of both - that warm down, when your breath slows and your body begins to regulate, and your sweat actually begins to cool yourself down... There's nothing like it, that natural high. 

You did it. Feel proud. 

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