Friday, May 3, 2013

where do you begin

aside from jumping in the deep end?
a certain friend has pushed me to start blogging again so this'll have to do for the time being.
I'm hoping to have a fancier layout soon to keep me motivated.
The name chosen originates from the following:
Fireworks - the reality of living in a house among three fiery little women each with their own personalities and wits, weaknesses and journeys as children.
Waterfalls - we live on a mountain and there's a beautiful waterfall down the road. The waterfall represents the calm and serenity that I as a woman and a parent am constantly seeking. Sometimes it may be a beautiful view, others a yummy meal. Sometimes it's the quiet of children in bed after a day of screeching!
I found picking a name hard because I didn't want it to limit my writing.
I'm passionate about many things. I hope to paint a real picture of life for me. And I hope you'll get something out of it, whatever that may be.

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  1. Lovely to see you writing J. Can not wait to read more :)